Join Orgasmic Arc™ founder, Genevieve Rudolph, in a three-hour guided workshop

Come together in community and remember your magic, darling.

It’s an incredible feat. 

You’re ready to set yourself free. 

On a journey, on a path, led by a subtle whisper.

You know there’s something inside of you, something greater, and you know that, in order to really grasp it, you get to combine the most taboo things, together:

Sex, Love, and Creativity. 

We’ve been robbed of our innate design - the part of us that creates with ease, that makes love with life, that feels turn-on without second guessing and follows the ferocity of sensation over thought. 

We are magical creatures, boxed in a world that consistently tries to turn our magic into plastic. 

This winter, we are going deep within, to light the cauldron of our magic once more. 

To combine the places where our shadows dance, full of shoulds and have nots, so that we can truly integrate them and let ourselves free. 

Our creative impulses are here to run free. 

Our sexual desires are guide posts for our deepest dharma. 

Our hearts, bogged down by past pain, are here to love not only ourselves, but the entire world. 

When we have sex, love, and creativity flowing freely, we live a satisfied, fulfilled life. We ache when we do not have these energies easily flowing. 

How do we do this? 

In and through the body. 

And then, we make sure our mind understands to the best of its ability. 

What’s the framework of the workshop?

This is a recording of a live session from January 2024.

Each hour will be laid out in a systematic manner, so that your mind can rest and your body and spirit can really flourish. 

First, you will receive a 20 mins embodiment practice guided by Genevieve. Next, bare witness to the live questions and coaching from the live event. There will be a 15 minute break every 45 minutes so that you can close your eyes and integrate each portion. 

Here are the dates and times:

10/22 - 3pm ET

10/23 - 1pm ET

10/24 - 1pm ET

10/25 - 3:30pm ET

10/26 - 11am ET

10/27 - 2pm ET

10/28 - 4pm ET

10/29 - 8pm ET

10/30 - 1pm ET

10/31 - 1pm ET

Your Facilitator

Genevieve Rudolph

Genevieve Rudolph

International Best-selling Author of

The Orgasmic Arc™: Mastering the Six Steps to Pleasure


Genevieve (she/her) is your go-to expert on confidently utiliizing sexual energetics to live the life of your dreams.

Genevieve guides high-achievers from stagnancy and burn-out to authentic arousal, spiritual connectivity, and embodied aliveness through her signature Orgasmic Arc™ Framework. 

Beginning as a Professional Dominatrix in NYC, Genevieve has been studying and perfecting the art of erotic alchemy for over 15 years. After finally finding her own embodied healing through The Orgasmic Arc™, Genevieve is shifting the cultural narrative around sexuality and bringing hope and solutions to other trauma survivors.

The Orgasmic Arc™ lies at the intersection of sexuality, spirituality, quantum physics, and humanity. Genevieve is also an Erotic Blueprint™ Lead Mentor (through her friend Jaiya, sexologist for Tony Robbins) and is Certified in both UPLVL Communication™ by Kenya K Stevens and Accelerated Evolution Psychospiritual Methodologies under Satyen Raja (trainer for T Harv Eker, Gabor Maté, etc).

Genevieve is committed to waking people up to the fullness of who they are and reintroducing them to their power, purpose, passion, and pleasure!