Because your body is the prayer. 

Because your mind has been running the show and it’s wobbly and strange and never really satisfies, does it? 

Because your skin has the magic inside of it. 

Because you’ve been alone, cooped up in the cold. 

Because together, we raise the roof and blow the lid off of our capacity to feel. 

Because your sexuality seems to be like a button that you can press, not something integrated with your heart. 

Because the spirit that flows through you is unleashed through sacred, innocent eros. 

Because you’re used to going from 0 to 60 in twenty minutes.

Because your authentic pleasure is subtle, sweet, slow, and beautiful. It emerges from within. 

Because we deserve it. 

Because it’s revolutionary to love yourself this fully. 

Because you get to do that. We get to do this.


Join me, Genevieve, in this NYC-based Self-Pleasure Temple

May 17th

This is a ritual. A seance to your inner divinity. A mixed-gender somatic experience. 

Arrive on time. Doors open at 6:45. We begin at 7pm. Doors close at 7:15. 

You will stay in your own pods. Please bring a blanket or a yoga mat to lie down on, and something for the altar to bring the energy to its peak. 

Nudity and explicit sexuality is not the goal. We aren’t here to perform or bypass ourselves. Dress comfortably, in layers. 

Your eros is your life force. We will activate it and we will see where it leads you. 

This is a you-with-you experience, supported by and tethered to the group field. Your hands will stay on you. Your vocalizations are welcome to add to the space. Bring a blindfold. The lights will be dimmed. 

Genevieve will guide you through The Orgasmic Arc™: A Six Step Process to Sexual and Life Satisfaction. 

Again, the point is not explicit sexuality. The point is to feel your full aliveness, in whatever way it wants to express. It’s also to feel the part of you that represses your aliveness. 

The point is to awaken to the life within. 

After the ceremony, Genevieve will be there to answer questions, provide support, and guide the group as we come together in community and share about our awakening experiences. We finish the evening together at 9pm. 

The address will be released one week before the event, so keep an eye on your email. 

Photos and video will only be taken of Genevieve and staff.

Register In Advance To Save

There are no refunds after purchase. No exceptions will be made.

Regular priced tickets are $67 and tickets at the door will be available for $97.

Here are the dates and times:

10/22 - 3pm ET

10/23 - 1pm ET

10/24 - 1pm ET

10/25 - 3:30pm ET

10/26 - 11am ET

10/27 - 2pm ET

10/28 - 4pm ET

10/29 - 8pm ET

10/30 - 1pm ET

10/31 - 1pm ET

Your Facilitator

Genevieve Rudolph

Genevieve Rudolph

International Best-selling Author of

The Orgasmic Arc™: Mastering the Six Steps to Pleasure


Genevieve (she/her) is your go-to expert on confidently utiliizing sexual energetics to live the life of your dreams.

Genevieve guides high-achievers from stagnancy and burn-out to authentic arousal, spiritual connectivity, and embodied aliveness through her signature Orgasmic Arc™ Framework. 

Beginning as a Professional Dominatrix in NYC, Genevieve has been studying and perfecting the art of erotic alchemy for over 15 years. After finally finding her own embodied healing through The Orgasmic Arc™, Genevieve is shifting the cultural narrative around sexuality and bringing hope and solutions to other trauma survivors.

The Orgasmic Arc™ lies at the intersection of sexuality, spirituality, quantum physics, and humanity. Genevieve is also an Erotic Blueprint™ Lead Mentor (through her friend Jaiya, sexologist for Tony Robbins) and is Certified in both UPLVL Communication™ by Kenya K Stevens and Accelerated Evolution Psychospiritual Methodologies under Satyen Raja (trainer for T Harv Eker, Gabor Maté, etc).

Genevieve is committed to waking people up to the fullness of who they are and reintroducing them to their power, purpose, passion, and pleasure!  

About The Orgasmic Arc™

The Orgasmic Arc is a six-step process for sexual (and life) satisfaction, penned by Genevieve Rudolph after a self-pleasure practice in her living room when Mary Magdalene came to her and gave her the steps:

  1. Safety

    1. Intrigue

    2. Directionality

    3.  Openness

    4. Beingness 

    5. Expression 

The Orgasmic Arc has supported couples regain sexual intimacy and singles move from adolescent sexuality into a maturity of energetic awareness, leading to increased life force, unconditional love, and inner peace. The Arc aims to cultivate embodied states of peace in its practitioners and continues to unfold into a community of embodied teachers, facilitators, dancers, artists, and healers.