Private Mentorship With Genevieve

Single Session

Private Mentorship

This is a 40-minute zoom session designed to bring you through the embodiment of The Orgasmic Arc™ and give you an experience of yourself.

This is also a great session to receive personalized mentorship in a one-off container.


Want support for your teen?

Genevieve works with teenagers (ages 12-18) at a discount

Three Months

Longing for a Private VIP Day?

This 3 month package includes four 30-minute (40 for couples) private mentorship sessions every month on zoom and three VIP days.

This package includes:

  • 12 weeks of private online sessions

  • Three VIP days

$13,333 or

3 x $4,500

Six Months

Ready for a complete awakening?

This is my most popular and successful package because it creates a lasting shift of your internal landscape. This is excellent for you if you have specific trauma, persistent pain or sexual dysfunction, or attachment wounds that you're working through, or if you are a practitioner seeking to deepen your work.

This package includes:

  • 24 weeks of private online sessions

  • Six in-person VIP days

  • All previous and current courses offered

  • The Orgasmic Arc™ Certification option

  • Signal Access Mon-Thurs

$22,222 or 6 x $3,800

Hi, Im Genevieve

I've had the privilege of working in the field of sexuality for over fifteen years, beginning as a professional dominatrix in NYC in 2008.

Though I was strutting my stuff in stillettos and orgasming without being touched at all the sex parties in NYC, I was living a life with severe C-PTSD. I could barely leave my house. Being alive felt like a burden to bear.

So, although I mastered the bedroom, I had much to learn about how to live from the beauty of myself, truly satiated. I had built a seven-figure sex coaching business, but I got so tired of chasing ecstasy and big wins that my endless looping lifestyle with all of its ups and downs forced me to seek mentorship and deepen my practice... and finally do the seemingly impossible work of

truly facing myself.

I began embodying somatic practices, receiving groundbreaking psychedelic treatments, and was mentored by some of the most influential people in my field: Anodea Judith, Jaiya, Satyen Raja, Melanie Ann Layer, and more. The combination of somatic healing and mentorship lead to my deep awakening of the joy and gratitude of being alive, which now permeates every moment of my day. That moment changed my life forever, and now all I want is for others to experience the beauty of being alive.

I see private clients in person three times per month and host retreats frequently in the NYC area. It is my utmost honor to witness people coming home to themselves, day in and day out.

What some of my previous 1:1 clients have said about working with me:

(feel free to reach out for the full list of testimonials and feedback)

"Before working with Genevieve I was hopeful that this would be the container where everything changes. There was sadness, numbness, and a lack of awareness in my body that had me feeling completely trapped. Feeling like the answer was always somewhere else. I didn’t know how to love myself. I didn’t even know myself. I thought I did, but it wasn’t from a place where I could fully show up.

PTSD and brain fog from a traumatic brain injury had me in a place where operating in the world felt really confusing. I was always scared that someone would ask me something I forgot, again, or that there would never come a day when I remembered why I was in the room I was standing in without walking around with a pen and paper. That was my life and it made me angry. I pushed it down, really deep and kept going. I was holding tension in my body all over and it felt like I never left combat. All of those moments trapped in the tissue of my body added up and I had no way to be with them long enough to let them go.

Our time together was one long journey with several journeys in between. My healing started so simply on a medicine journey when I realized that I actually could stay with myself. It was a pebble in the pond that reached all the way out to the edges. Then, the pond started to get bigger. All through, transformation after transformation, we kept figuring out what my gifts are and how to express them.

There were so many a-ha’s and realizations that I can’t even put words to them, they just kept happening and continue today. The processes that we started keep building on themselves and feel as if they’ll last forever. It was all so rewarding and I know that there is no finish to what this last year will bring to my life and the people around me. The gifts that were shared with me weren’t just cognitive, they were experiences I now know somatically.

Genevieve helped me land safety in my body. At first I didn’t know what she was doing, then, I realized, “oh, this is safety, got it!” I tried to fight it for a little bit, and then I noticed that surrendering to the safe space and presence she provided was exactly what I needed and wanted. We unlocked a very deep layer of grounding that day.

She taught me somatically how to love by showing me what conscious connection truly was. She supported me later that same night while I was scared as hell uncoiling the snake and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.

At one point I wanted to eye-gaze, but collapsed instead and I was able to love myself in that. Being able to name that collapse and be seen in it was a powerful moment of transformation. I also remember the moment that I realized that it was okay to love Genevieve and the feeling of freedom in non-judgement and knowing that my authentic arousal was okay and celebrated. It was edgy work with big results. There was a permission to express myself that I never knew I needed to feel, and that helped me know that I’m free to open up to myself as I am now.

Today, I am a grounding force. I’m solid with deep comfort within my skin, and I’m here with big emotions and I know that that’s okay. My spine is alive and I can feel the nerves all throughout my body. I have a choice, when I’m triggered, to feel things all the way through or wait to feel them. I know and my nervous system knows that unless there is actual physical danger I’ll be okay. I also know that I hold the poles of all emotion and that I am God. There are still deeper layers of that dynamic, but the process started and I can’t put that back in the jar.

I found a great teacher in my body with infinite wisdom that gets to show up and help people. There is also love within me that I can show in a way that people feel deeply.

Not everything is perfect and sure as shit doesn’t have to be, because I know I got this. I have myself and that definition has completely transformed from something that I thought about to something that I know deep inside." - Rick, 9 Month VIP Client

"I remember sitting in my living room when I felt this deep excitement of possibility for our work together. Before beginning the work, I was still fixing myself and always trying to live up to what I thought I should be. I knew that, when I jumped into working with Genevieve, I was opening something new up for myself and letting myself have a huge gift. I felt myself on the edge of something, ready to jump off.

In our work together, I touched so many emotions that I hadn’t been fully feeling. I remember thinking to myself, “This is too much. I can’t be this sad.” But Genevieve gently guided me to meet it with love, and I finally found myself holding my own hand. I had moments of deep hate and anger towards myself, but I found myself miraculously moving past it, on my own, and thinking to myself, “Wow! I did that! I can really do this!"

I’m not used to this feeling of being so calm and not constantly having to check my external surroundings. I feel embodied now, and I’m letting my inner peace flow. It feels so good to be in a social setting now and not need to prove anything. There’s no pressure, no time, just ease. Within that ease, my inner child and fun starts to appear. I’m like “Holy shit! I really have myself now! That is such a delight!”

There’s nowhere I need to go and nothing I need to do. I feel myself as a wild ass woman now, ready to feel it all. So joyful, such an embodied giver AND receiver. It feels amazing to relax into all of it.

I am sensual, soft, kind, wild, tough, strong, and deep… very, very deep. There’s actually no limit to the depth. I feel like I’m greeting someone new.

I feel an ease in my expansion and excited to create delicious connections in my life, now, that stem from finally feeling one with other people. I am so excited to be able to meet them now in that meeting spot where we get to play!" - Cyndi, One Month VIP Client

"Before doing the work with Genevieve, I was broken.  I was angry. And I thought I would always be that way. I was extremely frustrated with my body and sexuality. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. 

I remember sitting in my Navy chair, half out of uniform, and I couldn’t get comfortable. I was reading harrowing texts from my wife and it felt like my ribcage was collapsing in on my heart. I felt very confused in my marriage. I felt like it could be over, that I was going to come back from deployment to a packed up house. I felt like I’d ruined my marriage. I didn’t know what to do.

I reached out to Genevieve for 1:1 work, fully surrendered and ready to dive in.

When she first started to guide me through the Orgasmic Arc™, it was like I was having deep moments of pause. I started to take the time to get in touch with my body. I felt my soul for the first time. 

Our in person session was a world-changing experience. I’m now able to drop into myself. I’m confident and happy with who I am. I’m becoming a more grounded person and know when and how to pause in moments of tension.

And, the most amazing thing is how okay I am with myself. I have so many layers to me that I didn’t know I had! I want to celebrate that I’m more in touch with a side of my psyche/being that I had no clue about months ago. I didn’t know it existed. 

I don’t need my partner to behave any certain way.  My marriage is not my reason for being now.  Of course, if something happened, I would be sad and I would be heartbroken, but I know I’ll be okay. I love her and want to be with her, but I’m okay and I can see the contours of my life without her and I think that’s healthy. 

I’ll always be me now! I couldn’t think of that six months ago, that was a foreign concept. My wife is a great mom and a great partner AND I’m going to be okay if one day, she’s not here. 

Life is good now. I’ve had a sort of sexual awakening where my soul and my sexuality work together. I feel like a confident, well-rounded man.  I was angry and upset when I was on deployment and taking it out on everybody… now, I’m trying to tap into this universe and be part of it and not fight against it! I've surrendered to life happening and I can feel that surrender in my body. This is the greatest gift of all. " - Drew, 9 month VIP Client

"When I started this work, I had done Mama Gena's Mastery and Creation, and understood the importance of loving my body, but I still had charge around feeling shame/disgust/heavy and thinking I needed to lose 10 pounds to feel beautiful. I was doing S Factor, and sparking my turn on, but was still kindling it to a flame. 

I was going weeks, and sometimes a full month without sex with my partner. And I blamed him for the lack of our sex life. I self-pleasured once per month, and unconsciously suppressed my turn on to avoid feeling more resentment of being sexually 'unmet' by my partner, and to ignore the pain/story I was making of "something missing." And I judged myself for starting to let my mind wander, and entertain thoughts of being with others. 

I felt something was wrong with him, with us, sometimes jumping to a worst case scenario about our compatibility or doomed to have a sexless life. Other times, I felt unattractive, not sexy enough, waiting for my partner to want me. I let my partner's erection become the measuring stick for my feeling beautiful, sexy, good enough. 

And when we did have sex, I didn't enjoy how rough, fast and impersonal it felt. And when I spoke up about my experience, it led to performance pressure, and worse sex. 

I realized how important sex was for me - it makes me feel grounded, happy, sexy, turned on, alive, confident, brilliant, inspired, in flow, and I need it to feel fully in love. 

I learned, healed, and expanded in my work with Genevieve. Today, my partner and I have hot, juicy sex multiple times a week, and we have daily intimacy time where we practice what we've learned: I enjoy sensual touch to get me out of my mind, calm and open me up to play time. I need grounded, penetrating dark energy, with some Dom mixed in to get me really aroused.. and so many other fun pleasurable things...Moving into my shapeshifter blueprint, giving myself full permission to have and satisfy my full sexual appetite. We prioritize each other's pleasure, and now understand why pleasure matters for everything else in our work, love and life to elevate. 

I self-pleasure multiple times a week, and am in love with my body, and I fully want myself. My unabashed connection to my own turn-on allows me to directly ask for what I want and need, and to more fully give and receive pleasure. I'm exploring more of my kink desires, and excited to go deeper into my training with masters here. To go here, I felt and healed sexual shame from my past, physical abuse, and childhood trauma. 

I now accept and love all my partner's desires, all aspects of him, even the ones he's still learning to accept and love himself. I know how to open up my heart, and remain open no matter what arises. I have embodied knowing that our sexual dynamic is not about 'wanting my partner to want me' or 'fear of rejection' or 'what it says about our partnership.' Instead I have embodied knowing that sex is all about my pleasure, fun, and turn-on.

Our quality of conversation and connection has deepened - more raw, real, vulnerable shares, and tons of truth telling that has led us to be more in love than ever before. 

I now cry multiples per week and LOVE it, feeling flow and aliveness, constant healing of new awareness that my nervous system is finally ready to explore and expand beyond. I accept all parts of me, including the ashamed parts, the angry parts, egoic parts, and no longer suppress my joy, turn on, or shine. My partner's parts know how to dance with mine, and when our parts struggle, we know how to point out what's happening in a non-defensive/blamey way that allows us to keep our hearts open. 

I live more from my Divine Feminine, and honor the sacred feminine in me, my partner, and in others. I am more deeply connected to my root and sacral chakra as I download and manifest my visions. I love my body. I feel beautiful, brilliant, powerful, wise, and abundant, and I LOVE my turn-on. I spend more of my day in pleasure, and all of my day in my essence: vision, heart, play, spirit and beauty. 

Thank you, Genevieve!"

- Anonymous 9 month VIP Client

“ I came to this work because I was living with a chronic pain condition (vulvodynia) for the past 3 years and my #1 goal was pain relief.

The pain I had was 7-8 [out of] 10 all day every day and it was all-consuming.  I hadn’t been dating at all ( and it felt like it was completely off the table).Working with Genevieve ended up being the best thing I could’ve done. 

Top 3 Breakthroughs:

1. My pain is now about 1-2 [out of] 10 if not entirely gone most days. I often forget I have it.

2. I am open to dating but not in a place of desperation. Dating for me has always been a really scary prospect and I operated with a lot of anxiety. Now, feeling excited to make connections and open to possibilities but without the fear and anxiety

3. Realized that just because something has been the same for a long time, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way (and I don’t have to know HOW it will change).” 

- Rachel Gofman, 3 month VIP Client