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Here are all of the different ways to work with Genevieve 1:1! Current waitlist is 4-6 weeks. This is a great option if you do best in a one on one setting. Also great for couples' work!

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Hi, Im Genevieve

And I absolutely love the human experience.

But I didn't always - I used to be really shy, fearful, or controlling. I would even hide parts of myself in interactions in order to win someone over.

Sure, I knew how to flirt and all of the tips and tricks in the bedroom, but it was performative.

It wasn't truly me, and it wasn't leading to sustainable relationships, ones that felt nourishing and peaceful. Instead, they felt chaotic, confusing, and often crashed and burned.

Over the past ten years of working with myself and bringing those lessons to hundreds of clients, I've discovered that there is actually a process that we can track within ourselves and within the dating and relationship cycle that will provide authentic ease in all interactions, creating magnetism, togetherness, and a deep bond wherever you go (without performing!).

Here’s to easeful, sustainable, sexy love!



Hi, Im Genevieve

And I loooove people!

But I didn't always - I used to be really shy, or controlling, or hide parts of myself in interactions in order to win someone over.

Sure, I knew how to flirt, but it was performative.

It wasn't truly me.

So I was attracting people that were also masking themselves, and our relationships often felt surface level or confusing.

Over the past few years of working with myself and bringing those lessons to clients, I've discovered that there is actually a process that we can track within ourselves and within the dating cycle that will provide authentic ease in all interactions, creating magnetism and allure wherever you go (without performing!

Happy flirting!



Do You Have Your Ticket For



The Arc enables me to experience my pleasure and sexuality in a state of relaxation and openness. Before, without the tools and conversations it brings, I found myself more likely to feel as if I had to sneak it, force it, or do something extra before I could be myself and enjoy myself with or without a partner. The Arc showed me how to meet myself exactly how I am feeling and create safety and relaxation in my body. The ability to do this improves my relationship with myself and others because now I know what it means to meet whatever comes up for me and others with acceptance and love. Pleasure in and openness to an experience occurs naturally when I have the embodied experience of safety - knowing that I can meet and flow through whatever comes up. The arc creates safety and quiets the mind by giving us all a framework within which all our experiences can be understood.

Maija, 35

Orgasmic Arc

When I first heard of the Arc,I was pretty much shut down!  I had become a widower about three years prior to discovering the Arc.  I was shut down about 2 years prior to that because of my wife’s cancer.  I thought that part of my life was over.   When I learned the Arc I found a systematic way to open myself to my full potential.  The sexual energy dissolves the blocked energy in my system; I had plenty of blocked energy to work on!  My biggest experience occurred when intense pain filled up my lungs.  It was like nothing that I have ever felt before.  (I have suffered with asthma my entire life and this was much more intense!). My body started to vigorously pant for about 3 minutes straight.  I had a vision of a young child drowning in a pond and his lungs filling with water.  Then the quiet hit and all of the pain left!!!  I have not had an asthma attack since, which was about 6 months ago.  A huge bulk of stress must have been released and I am soooo grateful!    I now view the arc as a practice I can dissolve accumulated stress on a daily basis.  In that way I will be able to live my full potential unencumbered! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Larry, 69

Orgasmic Arc

Before the orgasmic arc, I thought I was sexually liberated but had no clue the depths I hadn’t yet accessed. There were times when I was unconsciously performative, forceful, and judgmental. And I didn’t know that my sexual trauma was hiding in unsuspecting parts of my body, begging to be heard. While studying the orgasmic arc, I started to go deeper into sensation, getting curious about where energy lives, what it looks and feels like. And what I discovered in me was magic! When I gave my body the chance to fully feel, to go into energy and emotion instead of running away, I could experience a full body release that cracks me open to a feeling of ecstasy and aliveness. Now, I am able to be grateful for all my emotions and sensations without judgment or needing to fix. Now I understand that orgasm is the energy of being alive! And I’ve never been in more pleasure in my life. 

Tasia, 29

Orgasmic Arc

"In our work together, I touched so many emotions that I hadn’t been fully feeling. I remember thinking to myself, “This is too much. I can’t be this sad.” But Genevieve gently guided me to meet it with love, and I finally found myself holding my own hand. I had moments of deep hate and anger towards myself, but I found myself miraculously moving past it, on my own, and thinking to myself..

“Wow! I did that! I can really do this!"


1 month VIP client

'When she first started to guide me through the Orgasmic Arc™, it was like I was having deep moments of pause. I started to take the time to get in touch with my body. I felt my soul for the first time....

...the most amazing thing is how okay I am with myself. I have so many layers to me that I didn’t know I had! I want to celebrate that I’m more in touch with a side of my psyche/being that I had no clue about months ago. I didn’t know it existed.


9 month VIP client

"I live more from my Divine Feminine, and honor the sacred feminine in me, my partner, and in others. I am more deeply connected to my root and sacral chakra as I download and manifest my visions. I love my body. I feel beautiful, brilliant, powerful, wise, and abundant, and I LOVE my turn-on. I spend more of my day in pleasure, and all of my day in my essence: vision, heart, play, spirit and beauty.

Thank you, Genevieve!"


9 month VIP client

It's time to live fully alive!!

It's time to live fully alive!!

Are you ready to master the six steps to pleasure?

Tired of fumbling around with sexuality and ready to finally reach satisfaction?No, really… complete and deep sexual fulfillment is not only possible, it’s simple.

The Orgasmic Arc™ is a framework that will guide you into your true orgasmic potential. It’s an advanced practice that won’t only change the way you approach sex, but also the way you approach life.

When practiced fully as outlined in this book, you will rediscover true bliss within your skin and a sexual satisfaction with your partner that you didn’t believe possible.

Genevieve is a master of sexual energetics and this book will blow you away with its simple, outrageously powerful steps.

Orgasmic mastery is waiting for you! Let’s dive in!

I don’t know what this would be like to read as someone who is new to the material but this book is one of many invitations to connect with your embodied experiential knowledge to calm a stressed out nervous system and open your body. This enables you to be able to feel connected to yourself and to life. The result is living a life of pleasure that is not the avoidance of discomfort but the welcoming of it.

This book presents the first integrated system that I am aware of which invites you to claim your sexuality as life-force energy and learn how to be with yourself through intense emotion or sensation to come to a place of beingness and expression of your true Self. It takes you through the experience so you can live it fully without any spiritual bypassing or Self abandonment.

The advantage of having it in book form is that you have the whole framework in your pocket, a reference guide to remind you how to recognise where you are in one of the 5 phases of embodied wisdom called the orgasmic arc and what possibilities are available there. With practical exercises and reflection questions at the end of each section you can choose to use it as a workbook. And I was surprised to discover Genevieve has described the arc three times so that you can understand it as a solo practice of enquiry, as a relationship enhancer, or as a way of navigating the work you want to do in the world.

Mrs M. Liepens

Before I discovered the Arc, I felt like I was drowning in waves of triggers, barely able to catch my breath before I would get pulled down into an emotional flashback. I truly didn't know what safety and sustained joy felt like, aside from the rare times someone who loved me could bring me along with them into those states. I didn't know how to create them in myself. I would often get triggered during sex and freeze up, and my partners had no idea how to soothe or meet me there. It would ruin my whole day. 

I really didn't think I'd ever be able to heal. But everything shifted when Genevieve told me that trauma is an elevator of consciousness and I don't have to figure out how to heal. My body knows. And that all started with learning to create safety in my self pleasure practice. This simple step (while not always easy to do) initiated waves of transformation I am still in awe of: I changed careers and tripled my income doing work I ADORE, I called in loverships that delighted every single one of my cells, and most importantly, I relish in a deep sense of intimacy, safety, pleasure and love with myself that radiates out to the humans whose lives I touch. That is priceless. This is how we heal the legacies of hot-potatoing our pain.


The Orgasmic Arc has given me a fresh perspective on Pleasure and Desire.

It has helped me connect the dots in a way I haven’t thought of before.